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Act of Contrition

Today was a better day indeed. I found my mouthpiece! yay! WE FINALLY STARTING PLAY AND MARCHING THE DRILL!!! That's when band becomes fun.

We all went to Pizza Hut afterwards cause Lee and Jason are going away to Perk. I'll actually miss their "social grace" a little. Now the only person we had left that'll disgrace himself with public with no shame and still attract a big crowd is Ryan W.........oh well. Kelsey insisted that I'd eat today, so I did. She says she doesn't know how I put up with her telling me what to do most of the time. IF YOU CAN PUT UP WITH MY MOTHER, YOU CAN PUT UP WITH PRETTY MUCH ANYONE. It started raining really bad, so we had to stop at her house til it clamed down. Some pretty interesting stuff happend there.....(i got a pair of Victoria Secret underwear!!! yay! sexyness for me! hahaha!) The only way you'll understand what that means is if i told you personally, and I'd rather not say in this setting. hahaha!

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